The Next Step For My Blog

The next step for my blog

It’s our anniversary! My blog and I have been going steady for six months now. That means 25 consecutive weeks of uninterrupted weekly blog posting. To mark this wonderful achievement, I have decided to take the next step with my blog: we are moving to our own domain. Read all about my plans here!

My own domain

Honestly, I don’t think I fully expected myself to succeed with this blog. I was very keen and determined to do weekly posting, but I had failed a number of times before because life just kind of gets in the way sometimes. However, this time I somehow figured out a way around it. No matter what else I had on my plate, I always managed to come back to the blog – and I enjoyed it too!

Early on I had decided that if I succeeded to keep it up for six months, I would consider moving on to my own domain. It felt like it would not only be a glorious reward, but also the right move. I noticed very quickly that blogging through a free scheme with had an insufferable amount of limits, and I would certainly take more pleasure in having my own domain. Hence, the next step for my blog.

Going on hiatus

In order to get this complete revamp done, I am going to have to take a short hiatus. As of this day, the current Little Lion Laura blog will no longer be updated. But don’t fear: the new blog will be with you soon enough.

In a short while the summer holidays will start (I am a teacher), so I should have plenty of time to work on Little Lion Laura 2.0. In July I will also be moving house, so this is the best time for me to go on a break.

My plan is to publish the new blog on Wednesday August 14, my 24th birthday.

My favourite posts

In the meantime, why not read up on some of my other 24 posts? Here are some of my favourites.

First post

In the first post I ever published I explained my aims for this blog. I enjoyed reading it back just now because I think I did a good job with it all!

»A New Blog«

A new blog

Most popular post

My most popular post was about cultural differences I had observed between the Netherlands and the UK. It got a lot of attention from the Dutch community in the UK and I’m glad it turned out to be such a great conversation starter!

»Cultural Differences Between Countries: UK vs NL«

Favourite response

One of the coolest things about blogging is sharing. I like it when my posts spark interest with other people and it gets them thinking. My post on how to reduce screen time got a fair bit of attention on Twitter, which I enjoyed very much. It feels good to know I  reached people!

»How To Reduce Screen Time«

How to cut down on screen time

Expat life

One of the things I intended to write about was expat life, even though at the start of this blog I already knew I was going to be moving back home this year. This resulted in a series of posts on living abroad and my personal experience with moving back to my home country.

»I’m Moving Home«

»Then vs Now: Three Years After Moving Abroad«

»Coming Home«

Mental health

I have had mental health problems since I was fifteen, so it is an important topic to me. I am very grateful for all the kind reactions I’ve gotten on my mental health posts.

»Balancing Work And Health: What I’ve Learned«

»Things You Don’t Want To Hear When You’re Depressed«

»Finishing Therapy: Now What?«


See you in August

You are all cordially invited to my blog publication and birthday party:

When: Wednesday August 14, 2019, 10 AM
Gift ideas: a sweet comment on my new blog 😉

See you in August!

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