I got featured!


Hi everyone, I wanted to share two recent publications with you that featured my work. These include a Creative Collective piece on my photography, and a guest post I wrote for Lauren’s blog.

Creative Collective

A while ago I was approached by the Creative Collective team if I wanted to write about my photographs. Their website puts all sorts of creative artists in the spotlight and allows creators to explain their work and what it means to them. This month they published my piece.

The Creative Collective website has been awesome to follow and I’m very proud I earned a spot on their website! Go check it out!

Guest post: Donating My Hair

Lauren asked me to write a guest post for her blog about donating my hair. She herself donated a long time ago, and now she was curious to see what the process would be like for me. It was one of the very first blog posts I wrote this year and kind of a test to see if I would enjoy blogging myself! You can find my guest post here.

About me page

Recently I have been getting involved with quite a few things here and there, so I decided to put any publications featuring me on my about page. It is also where you can find information on all my other channels!

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