I’m Moving Home

Photos by Lauren

BIG NEWS: I AM MOVING HOME! Not right now immediately, but in a little while when I finish university. As the final deadline is approaching, I needed to start thinking about the next step. That next step, for me, lies back home in The Netherlands. I am very excited to return and once again step into a new phase of my life. Whereas before I have been very keen to share aspects of my life abroad with you, I would now like to take you on the journey of my move back to the continent. Continue reading


Video: Document Your Life December ’18

For what seemed like the entirety of 2018, I was massively behind on my Document Your Life videos. I barely filmed throughout the month and then struggled to piece something together afterwards. This is the first video in a long time where I cover just one month, and I’ve managed to finish it within a reasonable time frame too. A good motivation for doing so was this blog. I figured if I wanted to write about it, I’d have to do it quickly. So here it is: my video for December 2018. Continue reading

My Cat And Me: 1 Year After Adoption


Today, January 27th, it has been a year since I adopted my cat Remi. It is truly one of the best decisions I have made and I can no longer imagine life without him. Though he may look like just another cat, to me he’s been more than that. Remi has been my buddy through and through, so I would like to dedicate this post to him. I will also give tips on what things to consider when adopting a cat. Continue reading

Looking Back: My Reading Habits in 2018

Part of my currently-reading pile

In terms of reading, 2018 was a beautiful year for me. It was the year I rediscovered the library and with that reinvented myself a little bit. As a young girl I’d been a massive bookworm, but I lost this trait when over the years school/uni work piled up. Slowly in my early twenties I started to get back into reading – but then the brilliant services of the public library pushed me into a metaphorical pool of books. It was wonderful. Once again, I have become the bookworm I so much cherished as a little kid. Here’s how I did it.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. Continue reading

A New Blog

Photo by Lauren

Ah, she’s at it again! I have tried blogging and even vlogging before, but nothing stuck to my routine long enough and with both I eventually somehow lost interest. Lately the idea of a blog, where I can collectively showcase my creative products, had been playing on my mind again though. I look forward to spending my time with this blog, with myself, and most of all: with you. So let’s give it a go! Continue reading